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In association with "The Moscow Drepung Gomang Foundation"

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Drepung Gomang: "The Shaffron hearts" film charity fundraising campaign

Main purposes of the project: 


  • То Help Drepung Gomang Monastery.

We will provide copies of the film to the Monastery, which will be ready for selling on the territory of Mundgod, as well as in the centres around the world.

All funds raised from the sale of the film, screening in the cinemas and on television, will be given to the Monastery.


  • To show the real life of the Monastery.

We want to show how the monastery survives in the modern world in the economic, administrative and other aspects necessary for the functioning of a large community, with a more than two thousand members. In spite of the seemingly perfect conditions for the practice, the monks have to cope every day with a lot of responsibilities.


  • To inspire the audience

How to keep your mind calm and start practicing love and compassion in every action of your life?


“Saffron hearts”: Feature Film.

 'Saffron Hearts' – is an inspiring journey to a different reality where earthly matters dissolve in spiritual ones and lose their significance. Here love and compassion are the main guides, and cooperation and mutual support have not been conquered by egotism. The story takes place in a tibetan reservation in South India - specifically at the Drepung Gomang monastery. The plot revolves around a young monk that arrives at the monastery and deeply misses his home and parents. His compassionate teacher draws him a map-quest that consists of 8 puzzles. Having found the answers to all of them, the boy will be able to return home. In this kind and inspiring story while solving the puzzles step by step with the characters, you create your own experience and find the hidden beauty deep inside.  


Our Team. The Beginning. 

Our team is based on people from filmmaking area united by one idea and collaborative work experience. Last December we've been in Mundgod at His Holiness The Dalai-Lama XIV Lam Rim Teachings. We were really encouraged by the life of the monasteries and how different from our Western perception it was. Love and compassion are the main principles in relationship between monks and outer world. Also for the recent years we were thinking about how our professions could be helpful to Dharma? And that’s how the idea about this movie came to us! We want to show that inspiring and peaceful life of the monastery that most of the time is hidden from the prying eyes and shown incorrectly and biased.

In March with the help of Lama Tengon we came back to Drepung Gomang.

We stayed in buryatin hostel and filmed the movie teaser for two days with a great support of The Monastery's Admimistration.


The Fundraising campaign. Our goal is $20.000

It includes the rate of 6 members of the crew:


- Shooting equipment

- Flights Moscow-Delhi-Moscow

- Visa applications with a single visit to the country

- Insurances 

- Accommodation for the crew at the monastery

- CG (graphics)

- Color correction

- Dictors (voice over) for all languages (English, Tibetan, Russian, German, French)


This is a charity non-profit project and all of the crew members work for free!