Nicka "Mogannick" Tseretely was playing keyboard since an early age. 
His first band  Afternoon Version was active since 1991-1998
.Started creating his own music since 
1996  onKurzwel K 2000 synth. Has collaborated with multiple 
georgian musicians (Dato Odzelashvili, Irakli Charkviani, Dato Evgenidze,Lasha Abashmadze e.t.c).

In the year 2000 recorded and produced an album "Anidan-Hoemde"

Also in coloboration with Mamuka Berika he produced such artists as: Nikita, Teona Kontridze.
Nicka was a resident Dj at Adjara music hall club and at his own musical club lift 0.11.

He worked as a composer and musician in Movement theatre Georgia.

he created the band Gravity L.A.W. with Lasha Base.